My father was born to a poor farming family more than one hundred years ago. He and my mother together worked so hard to raise 6 children.

From ground zero, they worked as labored farmers and then construction workers (helped build bridges and the airport in HsinChu). Then my father ventured into lumber and construction businesses. He planned and organized a lumber company, a construction company, a building-material supply company with his friends. And then he helped my brother open a hardware store, a sport and book store and a jewelry store. He was an old-style entrepreneur. His business was done with simple hand shakes. What was so amazing is that he had done all of these without any formal education!

As far as I could remember and conferred by my family members, every day except Sunday after he became a Christian, he got up at the crack of dawn, took his bicycle and peddled to work. He returned at the dark, had a simple dinner and then planned for the next day activities. He rarely talked to any one in the family. My only meaningful conversation with him was after I returned to my home land for a sabbatical at National Taiwan University in 1979, when I was 39. Back then I was so attracted to Taoist TaiChi Chuan and practiced it day-in and day-out. Seeing that I was dead serious about martial arts, then and only then he told me that he was a martial artist and because of that he was in jail for a year and a half. He was trying to break up a fight between two competing groups of construction workers, his own and another. He was the head of one group and was responsible for the incident. I was so surprised, when he showed me the monkey style and the sword forms of the deadly martial art. He was even involved in fights between Han immigrants and aboriginals in the mountain regions of HsinChu in the early years.
I am the fortunate one to come to the States for advanced education and started a new life in this great land of opportunities. Without their support, I would not be able to be what and who I am now. Oh, how I missed him and my mother, a pair of simple folks with simple mind and simple desires, but achieved a great deal!
I often wonder about the magic behind this simple person’s great success. Might it be possible that he was leading a simple life style with a combination of true Christian faith and true Taoist philosophy–“wanting nothing but accomplishing everything"?

  • Edited by my 10 years old grand daughter, Marcella..After reading the draft, she surprised me by saying that some of my sentences were old styled English. She was so right. I grew up in HsinChu Presbyterian Church with King James Bible.